Clinton staffers considered joking about email server the day before congressional subpoena

Hillary Clinton staffers discussed whether the candidate should joke about her private email server the day that Congress submitted a records retention request for the server, according to hacked emails released by Wikileaks.

Clinton spokeswoman Jennifer Palmieri sent an email to some of Clinton’s top advisers on March 3, 2015 asking if it would be a good idea to include a dismissive joke about Clinton’s server—which contained classified national security information and may have been compromised by foreign agents—in a speech given to a pro-choice group. The server’s existence had been revealed in a New York Times article the previous day.

“I wanted to float idea of HRC making a joke about the email situation at the Emily’s List dinner tonight. What do folks think about that?” Palmieri said in a message posted by Wikileaks.

The message was one of many obtained through a hack of Clinton campaign chairman John Podesta’s email account. The U.S. government has formally accused the Russian government of carrying out the hack in order to influence the U.S. presidential election.

The email inspired debate among the aides, who could not decide if Clinton’s email server was ripe material for laughs.

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