Clinton, former aide take jabs at Flynn following his resignation

Hillary Clinton and a former aide while secretary of state took jabs at Michael Flynn and his son early Tuesday following his resignation as national security adviser to President Trump.

Philippe Reines, former deputy assistant secretary of state, tweeted: “Dear Mike Flynn & Mike Flynn Jr… What goes around COMETS around,” a clear jab over the Flynn son’s tweets about the Comet Pizza child trafficking conspiracy theory. “And given your pizza obsession …,” Reines tweeted a link to the Dominos Pizza career page.

Clinton responded with her own tweet: “Philippe's got his own way of saying things, but he has a point about the real consequences of fake news...”

It was the first jab following Flynn’s resignation Monday. The retired lieutenant general wrote in his letter that he “inadvertently” briefed top officials with incomplete information regarding his call with the Russian ambassador.

"I have sincerely apologized to the president and the vice president, and they have accepted my apology," the letter read.

Trump has named Lt. Gen Joseph Keith Kellogg, Jr., as his acting national security adviser.