Charleston, W.Va. Newspaper Endorses Raese for Senate

The newspaper of West Virginia's capital has endorsed Republican challenger John Raese over Gov. Joe Manchin for the U.S. Senate seat formerly held by the late Sen. Robert Byrd, saying it fears a Democratic Senate majority more than it trusts Manchin to stand up to it.

The editorial board of the Charleston Daily Mail said Manchin is an "engaging and effective" governor who has tried to convince Washington to rein in spending and work to create jobs, "but it's no use."

"Leading Democrats have made it clear that if Manchin were sent to Washington, he would be expected to function as part of the team," the paper's editors wrote.

The paper added that voters don't know whether Manchin is speaking from tactics or conviction when he distances himself from "liberal Democrats" in Washington, but the editors don't have to worry about that from businessman Raese.

"He is a level-headed conservative who knows what works and what doesn't," the paper wrote about Raese. "He would pursue the economic growth needed to put people back to work and help the nation heal."

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