After He Announces He'd Be Fired, Doral City Manager Joe Carollo Gets The Boot

DORAL, FLA. –  Drama ensued as Doral's city manager was fired Monday amid accusations of a bribe intended to kick him out of office.

Joe Carollo was fired Monday afternoon after a 3-2 vote during a special commission meeting called by Vice Mayor Christi Fraga. "There's no surprise to me," said Carollo. "I made it clear at the press conference Friday that this is what was being planned."

The special meeting was called to discuss "administrative evaluations." It turned out to include the termination of Carollo.

Fraga has already named a potential successor in former Doral Planning and Zoning Director Nathan Kogon.

Carollo held a press conference for the media last Friday that foretold he would be fired at Monday's meeting. He then fired off an accusation, stating that a relative of Fraga attempted to sell their vote to fire Carollo in exchange for cash from Doral Mayor Luigi Boria.

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Boria allegedly contacted the State Attorney's Office about the alleged bribe. Neither have commented. "The allegation that a relative of Mr. Fraga, the Vice Mayor's husband, with someone else had come to him to offer her third vote to fire me last year in exchange for a sum of money," said Carollo.

Carollo and Boria have been at odds for several months. Boria tried to publicly fire Carollo in October with the support of Councilwoman Sandra Ruiz but failed to reach the necessary votes.

"I think administratively, he's doing a very good job," said Doral Councilwoman Bettina Rodriguez-Aguilera. "That he has different political views maybe from the mayor since October, when these issues started, I don't think that should weigh at all."

The city commission has yet to make an official decision on who will replace Carollo.

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