A sour note for Democrat Clay Aiken

Clay Aiken is learning that running for Congress is a little harder than singing your way to the top.

Aiken, who became a household name after almost winning American Idol, released his first TV campaign ad Tuesday in North Carolina spotlighting his tough childhood and his efforts to help children with autism. See it here.

Keith Crisco, his opponent in next month’s primary, shot back with a scathing attack ad calling him “no show” Aiken for not attending Presidential Commission meetings about disabilities.

In the 30-second spot, the narrator says, “Clay Aiken says helping children with special needs is one of his top priorities, but when the president appointed Clay Aiken to the Presidential Commission for People With Intellectual Disabilities, no-show Clay Aiken skipped every single meeting.”

That would be eight out of eight meetings. The ad ends with the typical: If blank (Aiken) can’t do blank (attend meetings) for blank (the President), then how will he do anything for the voters of blank (North Carolina).

Aiken explained the meetings conflicted with his schedule.

No matter how often I hear Aiken’s name associated with politics, I see him standing on the Idol stage belting his lungs out. The NRSC’s Bill Murphy beat me to the tweet.

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