A different kind of Trump protest

Friday’s demonstration at the Donald Trump rally at the Redding, California, airport was a far cry from the turmoil that erupted outside the San Jose Convention Center the night before.

Rather than a loud and rawkus event marked by clashes with police and violent encounters with Trump supporters, this rally saw only a few attendees wearing Bernie Sanders t-shirts, and no trouble at all.

It’s possible the organized protest groups did not want to brave the triple digit heat, or maybe they decided it wouldn't be worth the trouble.

Redding is in Shasta County, Republican strong hold of about 180,000 in Northern California, and the county seat of Redding is very conservative.

However, there was a protest of sorts among some Trump supporters. About 40 residents showed up in green t-shirts calling for a “ State of Jefferson.”

That's a reference to a long simmering movement by residents of 21 California counties north of San Francisco to create their own state, and make their own rules.

The 21 counties have just 6 state lawmakers in Sacramento, out of a total of 120 assembly and senate members. Resident Tom Mohler said he wanted to tell Trump the interests of this rural area are often ignored or defeated.

“We have no control over mining or logging or any of those things or water that are plentiful in the north state,” said Mohler. “We are not in a drought and we haven't been in a drought in a long time, but the south wants our water…and has the votes to take it."

In calling for their own new state, some of these protesters shouted out, "the time has come for 51.” While there have been several efforts to secede from California, all have failed. Mohler said currently, a team of constitutional lawyers is working to bring the issue before a judge.