Stuart Varney: What the 'Bernie bust' means

"With astonishing speed, the left's bubble burst," said Fox Business host Stuart Varney reacting to the performance of far-left Democratic candidates on Super Tuesday. "What was supposed to be a socialist crusade fell very flat."

"Monday, the socialists were riding high," he continued on Fox Nation's "My Take." "Tuesday, they crashed. Wednesday, it was like a funeral."

Out of 14 states where Democratic primary voters cast their ballots on March 3, Sanders won four, and he now trails former Vice President Joe Biden in the delegate count.

"It's a Bernie Sanders failure. He had promised to lead a broad-based coalition. Didn't happen. Black voters went for Biden. Suburban women went for Biden. And the youth vote just didn't show up."

Biden won roughly half of the black vote, at least, in every state except for California, where he carried 36 percent of the vote, according to Fox News Voter Analysis.  Sanders struggled with this group, performing best with black voters in North Carolina, where he captured 26 percent of their support.

"But it wasn't just Bernie," continued Varney.  "Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez backed three young progressive women to challenge moderate incumbents. That failed, too. None of them won."

In Texas, immigration lawyer Jessica Cisneros, who was endorsed by both Sanders and Ocasio-Cortez, came up short in her challenge against the moderate Democratic incumbent.  Also in the Lone Star state, Cristina Tzintzun Ramirez placed third in her Senate primary race.

House candidate Georgette Gomez placed second in the race to represent California's 53rd Congressional District; she will advance to a runoff election in November.

"And then there's Elizabeth Warren," argued Varney. "She insists she's not a socialist, but her countless plans add up to just about the same thing. She came in third in her home state, Massachusetts, fourth in her native state, Oklahoma."

Warren dropped out of the 2020 race on Thursday and declined to make an endorsement at this stage.


"Now, the left claims they were just ambushed by the establishment while they were hit by Bloomberg's money," said Varney. "But what they have to face is the absurdity of socialism itself, massive tax hikes, kill all fossil fuels, all government all the time. You know the drill. It is absurd, but they won't face it because it's their religion. Jealousy of success is their passion."

"We're looking at a Bernie bust. The monumental event on Super Tuesday wasn't Biden's surge, it was the end of the far left's challenge to capitalism as we know it," Varney concluded, "The left lost. Bernie is done."

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Fox News' James Levinson contributed to this report