De Blasio cancels Macy's parade because attendees 'obey the law’: Seth Barron

Mayor targets 'wholesome' activities, Barron says.

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New York Mayor Bill de Blasio summarily canceled the annual Macy's Day Parade on Thanksgiving this year, citing coronavirus concerns, but ignores left-wing activists who violate City Hall's own mitigation edicts, Seth Barron, the associate editor at the City Journal, said Monday.

Barron told "Tucker Carlson Tonight" that de Blasio, a Brooklyn Democrat, is being "feckless" and trying to crush anything that brings his constituents joy or a sense of normalcy.

De Blasio, instead, championed the planned "virtual" parade.

"It won't be the same parade we are used to. It will be a different event. We are reinventing the event for this moment in history. You will be able to feel the spirit and the joy of that day on television, online," de Blasio said during public remarks.

Barron said city stakeholders are "begging" the mayor to concentrate on fixing the cratering environs in New York, from the exponential spike in crime, to the economic devastation of statewide and citywide lockdowns.

"He kind of has these feckless responses [to that]," Barron said. "The Macy's Day parade is a good example -- this is an extremely popular national event. If we had it, it would signal 'hey New York City wants tourists -- maybe we can't have everyone now but we are open for business [and] this is what the future holds.'"

Barron said de Blasio often targets "cheerful and wholesome" entities because patrons of those types of things tend to "obey the law."


Meanwhile, for several nights in Manhattan's Washington Square Park, a left-wing group has been holding what the NYU student newspaper described as "midnight raves" replete with live music and widespread noncompliance of COVID-19 restrictions.

"In Washington Square Park every weekend, Refuse Fascism -- which is part of the Revolutionary Communist [movement] has a protest party with a DJ and hundreds of people drinking, doing drugs and dancing -- [but] Bill de Blasio doesn't even notice it -- so he is implicitly and tacitly permitting it."