Press admonished for fawning coverage of Biden ice cream pit stop: 'Our media is so embarrassing'

Biden made a quick pit stop at Honey Hut Ice Cream during a trip to Cleveland on Thursday

Despite the unprecedented border crisis, surging crime rates, and mounting allegations against China over whether COVID-19 escaped a Wuhan lab, the press found it ever important to grill President Biden on Thursday for his preferred ice cream flavor during a trip to Ohio.

"Mr. President, what did you order?" a reporter asked Biden who held up a stuffed ice cream cone outside Honey Hut Ice Cream in Cleveland.

"Chocolate chocolate chip," he replied. Cheers and oohing can be heard after the president announced his flavor of choice.


The press' enthusiasm was evident on social media, with Guardian congressional reporter Hugo Lowell tweeting "President Biden is having a chocolate chip ice cream at Honey Hut Ice Cream in Cleveland and it’s possibly the most Biden thing ever."

Twitter critics were quick to condemn the press for their kid-glove treatment of the commander-in-chief and noted that this was a luxury that was not afforded to his predecessor.

"Our media is so embarrassing," RealClearPolitics cofounder Tom Bevan wrote.

"Is he ever *not* adorable?" journalist Glenn Greenwald quipped. "Didn’t realize that role of journalists was to ‘enjoy’ the US President, though I’ve long know that that’s how they see their role and how Democrats see it when their party is in the White House."

"Didn’t Trump get impeached for having two scoops of ice cream?" Dave Rubin wrote.

Tablet Magazines' Noam Blum posted a comical meme from "Brooklyn Nine-Nine" with a caption that read, "I’m so attracted to you right now."

The Daily Caller's Logan Hall tweeted out a graphic of Biden enjoying the ice cream cone while enthralled left-wing media outlets watched in delight.

"The NYP reported yesterday that Joe Biden had dinner with Hunter’s Eastern European oligarch business partners while he was VP but the corporate media would rather ask him about ice cream," the post's deputy politics editor Emma-Jo Morris wrote. 

 Washington Times writer Douglas Ernst said the reaction proves that "Being the prez with the right letter next to your name is a sweet gig. The vast majority of the media is ready to opt for ice cream questions over serious issues."

An unidentified reporter later asked Biden if he had a message for Republicans who are prepared to block a bill that would form a commission to investigate the Jan. 6 Capitol riot.

"Eat some chocolate chocolate chip," Biden joked, before adding, "I can’t imagine anyone voting against the establishment of a commission on the greatest assault since the Civil War on the Capitol."


Former President Trump often made mention of the press’s apparent unconditional love for Biden throughout the presidential campaign, remarking at a rally last year "I go through these interviews and every question is a total kill… And this guy walks out holding ice cream and the press is out there, the fake news, and they say, ‘What kind of ice cream are you eating?’ — ‘Uh, uh, Chocolate, and I think vanilla too. Ha’ — I say why don’t they ever ask me those questions, right?"