Michael Bloomberg's entry, Deval Patrick's consideration of 2020 race an 'SOS' for Democrats, Matt Schlapp says

Former New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg's entry into the 2020 Democratic presidential primary and former Massachusetts Gov. Deval Patrick's consideration to do the same is a sign the Democratic Party is having trouble, according to Matt Schlapp.

The Democrats are divided between the progressive wing and the more center-left wing of the party, Schlapp told Laura Ingraham on Monday.

"I do think this is an S.O.S. -- this is a cry for help," he said.


"There is a clear division amongst Democrats who think that the socialists just can't get it done and won't win in the general election, and then, these kind of traditional Democrats -- Hillary Clinton-type people -- and I think she's still looking at this race."

He added that he found former President Barack Obama's silence on the 2020 field to be a thought-provoking sign as well.

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"You know what's interesting about that? Barack Obama's awfully quiet in all of this, and I actually think that there are a lot of people who worked for Barack Obama who are soul searching about 'is this really the direction we want the Democratic Party to go in? -- The Squad -- Bernie -- Elizabeth Warren?'," the American Conservative Union chairman said.


Schlapp added that Patrick's consideration and Bloomberg's apparent entry are also interesting because he sees the two men as staking ground in the same political lane as former Vice President Joe Biden.

"That's at the heart of where Joe Biden's strength is -- it's African-American voters in these later states," he said.

Bloomberg is seen as a more moderate Democratic candidate and Patrick, the Bay State's first African-American governor, is a political ally of Obama's.

Patrick previously ruled out a run earlier this year but has since been talking with party operatives and donors about launching a campaign.