Former NFL star Jack Brewer responds to being called this slur after praising President Trump

Former NFL star Jack Brewer had a powerful response to a CNN commentator who called him an "Uncle Tom" over Brewer's vocal support for President Donald Trump.

Last week, Brewer made headlines during a Black History Month roundtable at the White House when he called Trump the "first black president."

"Mr. President, I don't mean to interrupt, but I've got to say this because it's Black History Month. Man, you the first black president," Brewer told the president, eliciting applause in the room.

The remark echoed something famously said by novelist Toni Morrison about former President Bill Clinton in 1998 when she affectionally referred to him as "the first black president."

On CNN a panel reacted to Brewer's praise of Trump, and CNN commentator Keith Boykin used a slur to describe Brewer and the other African-Americans attending the White House event.

"The idea that anybody would sit in a room with Donald Trump and call him the first black president after we had Barack Obama as the president of the United States. It shows just what kind of Uncle Toms were sitting in that room in the first place," said Boykin to gasps, but notably, no objections from CNN host Don Lemon or the other panelists.

"How dare you?" said Brewer in response to Boykin on Fox Nation's "Reality Check with David Webb," "I would love you to compare your work for poor black people against mine."

"I've worked tirelessly," continued Brewer, detailing his work in the black community.  "I feed over 15,000 little black babies every day. I've opened up hospitals around the world to help poor black mothers who don't have access to health care. And I've dedicated my entire life – not to get paid for money, I put my own money into these projects – and that's where my passion lies."

"My passion lies in the inner city programs," continued Brewer, "I'm actually trying to bridge the gap of fatherlessness across this country. And so I said to Keith Boykin, 'how dare you?'"

"You know, you can disagree with me. I have no problem with that. But when you attack me now, I got to come back and ask you to do some fact-checking yourself and look and see what the Jack Brewer that you called an Uncle Tom is really doing. Because, you know, when you look in the mirror, he may see the actual Uncle Tom in himself."

"What do you see as the difference under the Trump administration, in the black community and the prior decades under Democrats?" asked Fox News contributor and Nation host David Webb.

Brewer pointed to Trump's support for school choice as an issue that sets the president apart.

"I think President Trump is establishing the principle of, 'Hey, you can go out there and aspire and reach your goals through working and through education. You start that with school choice."


"Segregation still exists in America and a lot of these neighborhoods where we force these poor black kids to go to failing public schools," argued Brewer. "I don't care what side of the aisle you're on, if you're against school choice, I have a problem with that. I have a problem with forcing poor black kids to go to these schools that don't work."

Brewer also hailed the president for his support for historically black colleges (HBCs) and the creation of Opportunity Zones, which are community development projects created by the Tax Cuts and Jobs Act of 2017.

"They want to downplay President Trump's progress," concluded Brewer, addressing many of the president's critics. "They want to go try to sound bite him and cut what he says and make him appear as a racist. But at the end of the day, if you're a racist, you're not going to be letting black people out of jail. You're not gonna be pushing a black agenda... that's exactly what this president is doing."

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