Conservative attorney George Conway III, the husband of White House counselor Kellyanne Conway, ripped President Trump in a Washington Post opinion piece published late Monday, calling him a "blundering cheat" and suggesting the 45th president's name should "live in infamy."

Conway, a founding member of the never-Trump Republican "Lincoln Project" group, wrote that Trump has been "peddling lies" for decades and that his recent claim that universal mail-in balloting will make the 2020 election potentially illegitimate is his latest mistruth.

"Voting by mail has a long, venerable tradition in this country," Conway wrote. "Most notably the election of 1864, when 150,000 Union soldiers sent in ballots that helped ensure President Abraham Lincoln’s reelection, the preservation of the union and the abolition of slavery."

Conway went on to claim that Trump was wrong to claim mail-in ballots allow for fraud and argued that their paper trail destroys that narrative.

Trump, for his part, pointed Monday to a New York U.S. House primary that has yet to be called, largely in part because of the number of mail-in ballots outstanding.

In that race, incumbent Rep. Carolyn Maloney, a Manhattan Democrat, leads challenger Suraj Patel by several hundred votes as of last week.

The president also praised a Republican lawsuit filed against the state of Nevada, claiming Democratic Gov. Steve Sisolak is trying to "steal" the election for his Democratic Party through a new measure that will commence mass mail-in balloting.


The president, Conway claimed, is "lying so he can buy more time — or so he can delegitimize the vote and blame someone other than himself for his defeat."

"Trump’s sanction must come at the polls, and beyond. For the sake of our Constitutional republic, he must lose, and lose badly," he wrote before arguing that no public buildings or infrastructure should bear the president's name.

"His name should live in infamy, and he should be remembered, if at all, for precisely what he was — not a president, but a blundering cheat."