Dr. Oz's coronavirus survival guide

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With nearly 500 cases reported across the United States, according to information gathered by Fox News, and at least 21 deaths related to the novel coronavirus, Dr. Mehmet Oz, host of the “Dr. Oz Show,” on Monday offered up his tips on how to protect yourself against the virus.

Speaking on “Fox & Friends” on Monday, Dr. Oz provided this coronavirus survival guide:

  • Wash your hands with soap and water for 20 seconds and use hand sanitizer with at least 60 percent alcohol.
  • Disinfect surfaces by using disinfectant sprays instead of wipes, which can spread germs from one surface to another. It is advised to let the surface remain wet for three minutes prior to drying.
  • Get at least seven hours of sleep a night.
  • Exercise regularly, aiming for 30 minutes every other day.
  • Improve your air quality by using a humidifier because viruses dislike humid air.
  • When you are on an airplane, sit next to the window: “It’s better for you because that germ zone is that little limited area,” which includes the row before and after you, he noted. “The air that comes in from outside is actually pretty clean."
  • Meditate because that can support your immune system.
  • Avoid handshakes. Dr. Oz said handshaking transfers 10 times more germs than fist-bumping, but he also discouraged fist-bumping. “A fist bump passes one-tenth the germs as a firm handshake,” Dr. Oz said on Monday. He encouraged people to “embrace the power of a good head nod.”
  • Eliminate face touching.
  • It is encouraged to have a two-week supply of essential items, including freezer-friendly food items and non-perishable foods, medications and household supplies, including toilet paper, soap and detergent.
  • Eat foods and take vitamins that support the immune system. Eating leafy greens and fruits high in vitamins like citruses, blackberries, and kiwi provide your body with essential vitamins and minerals.
  • Get the flu shot to avoid confusing seasonal flu with COVID-19.
  • If you are sick, take 80 milligrams of zinc daily, 250 milligrams of vitamin C twice daily, 250 milligrams of beta-glucan daily and take elderberry syrup or lozenges four times a day for five days  
Dr. Oz’s Coronavirus Survival Protocol

Dr. Oz’s Coronavirus Survival Protocol (Dr. Oz)

Dr. Oz said that these tips are good things to follow in general, even when there is no virus outbreak.

He went on to say that he doesn't believe self-quarantines are effective.


"Do you know what works? Social distancing," he told the "Fox & Friends" hosts on Monday. "Me sitting at arm's length from you. Not shaking hands like when I walked out here. These moves actually work.”

He added, “I think we’re causing more harm to each other with the anxiety of the virus than the actual virus.”

The Associated Press contributed to this report.