Risqué Instagram couple spark controversy for 'job as a woman' comment

Sally Mustang, who has 294,000 followers on Instagram, shared a naked snap of her and her boyfriend, Mitch Gobel, in bed.

The Byron Bay, Australia-based couple rose to fame a few years ago by sharing risqué posts talking in depth about their sex life, alongside snaps of their arty lifestyle.

But one picture in particular has angered people.

Surrounded by flowers, Sally captioned the post: “I promise to show you incredibly beautiful things @mitch.gobel #myjobasawoman.”

The pic has racked up more than 13,000 likes, and a lot of very opinionated comments.

Her followers are divided, with some criticizing Sally for talking about her ‘job’ as a women, while others praised her.

One person commented: “The hashtag on this used to be "my only job as woman," like thanks for keeping the patriarchy alive sis I have a few extra things I wanna do in my life besides pleasing a male.”

Another wrote: “I thought sally was way more of a feminist than this.

“Women are so much more than beauty.. they have a million jobs. Not just to look beautiful.”

A third person said: “It might be Sally’s job and that’s cool.

"But I choose not to see it as mine, or at the very least as my only ‘job’.

“Perhaps job implies ‘duty’ and that’s why there are so many polarising comments here.”

Some people supported her, saying: “Everyone is entitled to their interpretation of womanhood.

“What may work for you will be different for someone else, as none of us are the same and that’s what makes us beautiful.”

But the comments soon descended into infighting, with one person writing: “She’s not part of the problem.

“Women like you, giving s**t to other women are the problem!”

The couple are no stranger to controversy, posting intimate details about their sex life online.

And that includes photos, with lots of topless, naked and arty shots – some of which have been removed.

Mitch’s mantra is ‘sex is art’, which he regularly posts about with his 213k followers, and they have set up a website of the same name to share their sex stories.

In one very raunchy post, where Sally can be seen tied up wearing nothing but stockings.

Mitch said: “This is what #sexisart is about for @sallymustang and I, we want posts like this one to encourage conversation, sex, love.

“We hope to inspire you to explore your mind sexually and then EMBRACE IT!

“It doesn't matter how long you've been in a relationship, most people are afraid to fully express the themselves sexually.

“Communication is the key to not only a healthy sex life but your entire life."

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