One lucky dog: California Maltese hit by van fleeing police will not lose leg

LOS ANGELES, CA –  Gordo is one lucky dog. To quote Dr. Eric Stumpp "He's very very lucky.” Stumpp says it looks like surgeons at the ACCESS Critical Care Unit of City Of Angels Veterinary Specialty Center have saved his right rear leg which was seriously injured in a Wednesday night police pursuit.

When Dr. Stumpp first saw him he wondered if Gordo would lose his right rear leg. After an hour or so of surgery, though, they were able to save it. Stumpp says, “they fixed the leg by actually taking the head of the femur off and then took the muscles and reattached those to hold that leg into place.” He says it is a common procedure.

Now, they wait to see how he does after surgery. Stumpp says “he may need some rehab but so far he's as good as I could expect right now.”

The pursuit that landed Gordo in the hospital was very dangerous with speeds up to 100 mph. The suspect behind the wheel pushing it with only two tires, driving without lights and nearly hitting some pedestrians. Eventually, the two in the white van police were chasing were taken into custody.

Gordo, the little fluffy white Maltese that was hit by a van fleeing from police on live TV, will not lose his leg.

That's the latest from treating veterinarians at Access Specialty Animal Hospitals, where the 1-year-old dog was rushed to late Wednesday night.

"He is incredibly lucky," said Dr. Kim Carey, who explained there is muscle and bone damage, but no ripped vessels.

"It was a clean cut" added another veterinarian, Dr. Annie J. Lo. She said with luck, Gordo might be out of the hospital before the end of the week.

The dog's owner, Santos Son, said he was happy about the news but mostly overwhelmed. There has been an incredible outpouring of support from the public after the hospital organized a fund for Gordo's treatment after the family did not have the money.

"They saved his life," son said.

Carey said the hospital is used to "high-profile animal cases," but admitted Gordo's injury was her first dog pursuit.
Aside from treating the leg, Carey added, they will also neuter the pup. Gordo is usually an inside dog, but has been trying to get out to look for "lady friends."

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