Newest YouTube Hit, Que dificil es hablar el español (Speaking Spanish is Hard)

The newest YouTube video blowing up the web is something that hits home with anyone who has tried to learn a foreign language.

The video, “Qué difícil es hablar el español” (Speaking Spanish is Hard ), features musicians and brothers, Juan Andres and Nicolás Ospina, strumming their guitars as they sing about the difficulties they’ve experienced speaking and learning Spanish in different countries.

Even those that do not speak Spanish can relate to the song as slang and dialectal differences come into play with any language.

The response to the video has been incredible.

In only six days, the video has been viewed 1.5 million times. The popularity of the video and the brother’s music grew so high that they decided to launch a new website around the video. The brothers, who were born in Colombia, say they live in New York, Colombia and Barcelona.

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In the video, a foreigner embarks on learning Spanish only to encounter frustration after frustration when common vocabulary terms change from region to region.

While the musician brothers are native Spanish speakers, even they have experienced what foreigners go through.

The video’s song centers on the words and phrases that can vary in meaning from one Spanish speaking country to another.

For example, the word “poro” can be a song rhythm or a term for a marijuana cigarette.

Whether Spanish or not, with all languages all countries and regions have their own phrases that mean completely different things.

The video has played upon this, allowing viewers to interact and add their own translations.

For foreigners, the video is encouraging and shows that that even natives can struggle with their language. For Spanish speakers, it demonstrates the complexities and diversity of a language spoken by over 390 million people.

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