HGTV host Genevieve Gorder shares design tips and the importance of the 'She Shed'

HGTV host and interior designer, Genevieve Gorder, knows how to make a room come together. Now, in an exclusive interview with Fox News, the celebrity designer talks colors, comfort and the importance of the “She Shed.”

First off, what is a “She Shed?”

GG: Like a Man Cave, but for women. Women need a private space – my ‘me space.’ While we’re all part of a family, women need a place to escape to and just disconnect.

Why do you think She Sheds are so important?

GG: I like to use this analogy: when you’re on an airplane, they tell you to put your oxygen mask on first so you can help everybody else. It’s natural for us to feel like, as a woman, we need to take care of others always. But it’s just as important to take care of ourselves and have that one special place where you can go to and physically restore yourself. Just a nook with little details that count and make those stubbed toes of life much better.

It's easier to handle life's challenges when you have a place to disconnect.

Do you have a She Shed in your house?

A ton of focus went into my daughter’s room while I was redesigning, but I did set aside a space for me. I have an area in my office where it’s just for me. I have my lights on a specific dim. I have layers of a specific texture that makes me feel comforted.

It’s really about the sensuality of the space and feeling like I could just curl up for a bit.

Gorder suggests a variety of textures and soothing colors to help people to relax from outside pressures.

Gorder suggests a variety of textures and soothing colors to help people to relax from outside pressures. (Myrna Suarez)

What if someone has a small place, can she still have a She Shed?

GG: Yes. It doesn’t have to be large; it’s just a space far away from a task-driven area. Somewhere you can find a physical separation from things that make you anxious or stressed and find peace.

For example, it can be a cozy chair with your favorite book and a really soft blanket.

What are your tips for someone looking to create their own She Shed?

GG: Start by asking yourself a series of questions: What do I need to feel taken care of? How do I relax? What makes me feel best? What gives me most peace? Think of what colors remind you of your favorite place, and then begin to incorporate those into your space.

But a part of feeling good and relaxed is also making sure everything you need to be comfortable is close. So, these special areas also span into food. Like, having a favorite snack handy or wine or something comforting. I do Fiber One Bars because they’re satisfying. But stick with things that make you feel taken care of. Having what you need before you need it can really help you settle into your private space and take away any stress.

Also, layers of colors and textiles – having different textures, like a soft rug and comfortable blanket at the ready, can help your space feel more personal.


Any other advice?

GG: Have a light dimmer. Full light makes no one happy. Soft lighting is everything.