Camera captures mysterious glowing, floating alien-like figure at gas station

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Whether it was a trick of the car lights, a drone or something not of this world, two men at a gas station in Peru had an encounter they are not likely forget.

In the video, the men are talking next to the gas pumps when a small, lighted presence approaches the station from the street behind the men.

The image looks like it could be a small child or animal.

The video was taken on Aug. 22.

After a while, the two men notice the figure. One of the men slowly walks toward it, and as if he is afraid or maybe is having a hard time seeing it clearly under the bright station lights.

The figure then takes flight, at which point the men run toward it.

Alleged UFO sightings in South America are not uncommon. Over the years, a number of countries have reported multiple incidents.

In 2011, the Argentinean Air Force (AAF) formed a special unit to investigate sightings, the Commission for the Investigation of Aerospace Phenomena, known by its Spanish acronym CIFA. Its member include meteorologists, air traffic controllers, pilots and radar experts, and their sole job is to examine publich reports of UFO sightings.

In Chimbote, Peru, in May 2016, an unidentified flying object appeared to hover in the sky for more than three hours.

In Terapaca, Chile, in June 2014, a group of miners spotted what they believed to be a UFO flying overhead fortwo hours.

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