Brandon Presser of ‘Tour Group’ Shares Tips For Scoring Amazing Travel Deals

Brandon Presser probably has the best job ever.

As a celebrated travel expert, Presser has visited more than 100 countries and written more than 50 travel books, all based on his lifetime’s worth of experiences. To satisfy his wanderlust, he served as a professional nomad in Paris, an architectural apprentice in Tokyo, and a scuba diving professional in Thailand — just to name a few.

Presser is packing his bags once again, but this time, he's taking millions of viewers with him. In his latest travel docu-series, titled “Tour Group,” Presser and 11 budding travelers explore some of the world's most exclusive destinations, all involving jaw-dropping activities.

Riding elephants in Thailand? Check. Mountain gorilla expeditions in Rwanda? Double check for this thrill-seeker.

“’Tour Group’ follows a group of 11 American travelers from very different backgrounds," explains Presser to FOX News Magazine in an exclusive video interview. "I am the tour leader and I lead them on a huge, round-the-world tour."

“We’re not just bungee jumping in the country. You can bungee jump in New York,” he adds. “We’re doing things that really open my traveler’s eyes. They’re things that really are important to understand the destinations that we’re in.”

Best of all? Presser insists it’s now easier than ever to see the world for yourself without emptying your wallet.

Make sure to watch the video above and learn more about “Tour Group,” how you can take advantage of travel deals just waiting to be found, as well as the mistakes you should be avoiding on your next trip.