Woman Unaware of Pregnancy Delivers 7-Pound Baby

Jessica Genaw didn't know she was pregnant when she delivered a 7-pound, 10-ounce baby boy on New Year's Eve, myFoxDetroit.com reported.

"I just was having really bad stomach cramps," said Genaw, who took birth control pills throughout the entire pregnancy. "I was just really sick all day."

Genaw, of Harrison Township, Mich., told the TV station she thought it would help if she took a bath, but the cramps got worse and eventually she felt like she had to push.

"Your body tells you to push -- whether you want to or not," she said. "And then I realized -- something way different is going on here."

Genaw then called 911, and paramedics were forced to break into Genaw's home since she could not get out of the bathtub.

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"I was just in so much pain that there wasn't a lot that I was thinking about," she said.

In the ambulance, Genaw learned she was in labor. By then, the baby was crowning. It only took one push at the hospital before the baby arrived.

"Then I just immediately started bawling," she said. "I never cried before in my life."

Genaw's boyfriend, Blake Williams, arrived at the hospital soon after, and they decided to name their new baby after him.

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