Woman dies after tummy tuck at Miami surgery center

A Florida woman went into cardiac arrest while undergoing a tummy tuck procedure at Miami clinic and later died after doctors were unable to revive her.

Maria Christian, 32, had the surgery done at Vanity Cosmetic Surgery in Westchester, NBC Miami reported. The Miami-Dade Police Department investigated the clinic’s facilities and surgical rooms and did not find any violations.

Doctors at the business said Christian was in good health before the operation and that she had previously undergone two cosmetic procedures at the clinic. In January, doctors performed a Brazilian butt-lift.

Dr. Camille Chavez performed the surgery.

"They were trying to tell her, 'Just do it with her, she's really good, she's really good, and you're going to be fine,'" Christian’s sister, Carolina Flor, told NBC Miami.

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Officials are investigating the cause of Christian’s death.

"We don't know what happened. The doctors just said that her heart stopped," Flor told the news channel. "If there is no need to do something, just, there's no reason, because she was just beautiful the way she was."

In January, the Consumer Protection Division of the Florida Attorney General’s Office investigated  Vanity Cosmetic Surgery’s refund procedures.

In a statement, the clinic expressed its “deepest condolences” to the family.