New York farm acts as retirement home for elderly dogs

Finding the right home for elderly loved ones can be difficult — especially when they’re aging in dog years.

For senior dogs, the options used to be bleak until special dog-only retirement homes started cropping up. Instead of that metaphorical “farm upstate” that so many children are told about when they wonder where Spot suddenly disappeared to, there really is, in the case of upstate New York’s Silver Streak Kennels, a beautiful countryside for them to roam.

Silver Streak is billed as a “country retirement home,” where elderly dogs romp around the idyllic farm’s numerous green pastures before heading inside for home-cooked meals.

“For a lot of these dogs, it is the last resort,” Don Vought, who owns the home with his wife, Terry, told The Post.

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The centers often come with monthly fees, but they’re a welcome alternative to shelters for pets and their owners alike. Unlike shelters, where the dogs’ futures are uncertain and can depend on local laws and the kindness of would-be pet adopters, the old-age homes prov