How does your city shape up among America's fittest cities?

The residents of the Minneapolis-St. Paul area in Minnesota have done it again.  According to the American College of Sports Medicine’s annual rankings, the metro area has won the title of “Fittest City in America” for the third year in a row, Health Day News reported.

The report, called the American Fitness Index (AFI), compiled data from 50 cities across America, taking into account the city’s policies, community resources, health care access and prevalence of chronic diseases.

Topping the list with 78.2 points was Minneapolis, followed by Washington D.C. with 77.7 points., and Portland Ore., with 69.8 points. The least fit cities at the bottom of the list included Memphis, Tenn., Louisville Ky., San Antonio, Texas and Detroit, Mich.  Oklahoma City was in dead-last, with a meager 31.2 points.

Walter Thompson, chair of the advisory board that compiles the AFI report, said that cities that rank the highest do so because they each have an infrastructure that supports physical activity.  They also spend more money on parks or make policy changes, such as enacting city-wide smoking bans.

"Minneapolis may be under snow for three months, but they capitalize on the resources that they have," Thompson said.

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