Family celebrates 3rd sibling born on same day for 3rd year in a row

A North Dakota family is celebrating the arrival of their third child who happens to share the same birth date as his two older siblings. For the third year in a row, Lauren Stevenson gave birth on September 1, ABC News reported.

“A healthy baby boy and the fact that he came on Sept. 1, the doctors, the nurses, my husband and I – we just couldn’t believe it,” Stevenson told the news station.

Henry Lee Stevenson was expected to arrive Sept. 4, but made his entrance three days early like his older sister Tommie Lee, who turned 1 this year. Brother Axel Lee was predicted to arrive on August 31, 2014, but arrived Sept. 1 instead.

“It came as a shock to us because we didn’t really plan it,” Stevenson told ABC News. “[My husband] said ‘Oh my God, we are going to have another Sept. 1 baby.’”

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The births were also a first for Dr. William Lowe of St. Alexius Medical Center in Bismark, who said he has never delivered three babies a year apart on the same day, ABC News reported.

Stevenson said that the family will host one big birthday for the three siblings each year, but that each time they’ve tried so far she’s wound up in the hospital delivering a baby.