Creativity is no Excuse for Stupidity

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I am very disappointed with Saturday Night Live'sdepiction of governor Paterson.

For years I have watched the show admiring its originality and satire. SNL is a strange animal - it can make us laugh or even cry, but it should not hurt. Making fun of someone's disability is not creative, it's downright hurtful.

I think that even Howard Stern - who is known for pushing the limits of comedy, and many times makes my friends and me laugh - would not consider this skit on Governor Patterson humorous. Of course, I could be wrong.

It has taken many years for society to become cognizant of the fact that people with disabilities deserve respect and support. We're living in difficult times. Because of the current economic strain, budget cuts will be made that will affect healthcare and programs that many disabled citizens so desperately need.

Being in the media, I know that television production is in dire need of good content, however, we must keep in mind that respect for others is of utmost importance.

Governor Paterson is a decent man trying to do his best during some of the most difficult times this generation will see; a generation that includes many of the writers and actors on SNL. Therefore mocking those with disabilities is neither appropriate nor funny.

Let's face it; that is not creative comedy.