Clothing Store Popular With Teens Launches Maternity Line

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A new maternity clothing line from Forever 21, a women’s clothing chain targeting teenagers and young women, is causing controversy, reported.

The Los Angeles-based clothing chain launched their “Love 21 Maternity” line in five states that have high rates of teenage pregnancy, leading some to question whether they are marketing to pregnant teenagers and, consequently, approving of teenage pregnancy.

"Forever 21 did not create, design or distribute Love 21 Maternity to target, or appeal specifically to pregnant teens. Any relationship between teen pregnancy rates and the locations of our stores is unintentional," Larry Meyer, executive vice president for Forever 21, said in a statement released Monday.

Three of the five states carrying the maternity line — Texas, Arizona and California — have the highest rates of teen pregnancy in the U.S., according to government statistics.

“It’s just very coincidental that these department stores are in some of the states that people have raised concern,” Meyer told

Alaska and Utah are the other two states where the maternity line is available.

More than 80 percent of Forever 21’s customers are over 18, Meyer said, adding that Forever 21 is aiming at those 18-and-older customers with the Love 21 line.

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