So you take a gallon of cow's milk, heat it up to about 180 degrees, throw a little vinegar at it and put it on a cheese cloth, drain it for 7-10 hours, and voila! You have homemade cheese.

It's an age-old recipe, but these days, some folks want to change the recipe a little bit by replacing the cow's milk with breast milk. Yup, you heard right - breast milk. It seems Daniel Angerer, who runs Klee Brasserie restaurant in the Chelsea section of New York City has decided to get a little creative by making cheese with his wife's breast milk. Click here to read the full story.

Thank God the health department put the kibosh on that idea, but not before some patrons decided to try a taste. Now I'm no prude, and certainly I love to push the envelope when I comes to food - I had duck testicles a week ago - but there's something about making human fluids into food that makes me lose my appetite.

Now it's true, breast milk is one of God's greatest natural foods. It contains tons of antibodies and proteins which are very beneficial for the immune system, especially in children. However, when you denaturalize the properties of breast milk, you lose all of the value that it originally had. So if you think you're going to eat breast milk cheese in order to improve your immune system, you should probably think again.

People should also consider the risks associated with consuming any kind of food or drink containing human fluids. Consumption of breast milk could unknowingly expose consumers to infectious diseases like hepatitis and HIV. So while this story definitely made for an interesting read, I hope I don't start seeing breast milk ice cream on special in my local supermarket.

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