2 Men Agreed to Shoot Each Other in the Butt, Need Surgery

Two Australian men required surgery Tuesday after shooting each other in the buttocks as part of a drunken pact to see if it would hurt.

The two friends, both 34, from the Grampians region in Victoria, Australia, decided to undertake the experiment after enjoying a few beers on Sunday evening, Victoria Police said in a statement.

The pair thought it would be interesting to see whether it hurt to get shot with an air rifle and whether its pellets would penetrate their skin.

After shooting each other around 5:30 pm local time Sunday, they concluded that they were both fine, apart from suffering from a bit of pain.

However, two days later, they were both in the hospital for surgery to remove slug pellets from their buttocks and legs.

Police said one of the men will have his firearms license withdrawn and his firearms confiscated.

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