14-year-old Michigan dog with cancer checking off bucket list

Lately, life hasn’t been easy for Buddy, a 14-year-old Labrador mix in Michigan. Fox 5 Atlanta reported that the pooch was recently put up for adoption and then was diagnosed with cancer.

“He was very depressed and needed a home and some love,” his new owner, Loren, wrote on Facebook.

Loren, whose last name Fox 5 Atlanta didn’t report, started a Facebook page to document the last days of Buddy’s life. She’s started him a bucket list, which includes eating a whole box of treats for dinner and going to the fire station.

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On Saturday, the old-timer even got to go on a “date” with pizza, kisses, hugs and a “love wagon.”

“It was such a perfect day,” Loren wrote on the page, which features photos of an ecstatic Buddy smiling big as friends embrace him.

“We are so excited that [Buddy’s] story is being shared nationwide,” Loren wrote in a recent status update on Facebook. “We’re checking off being famous from his bucket list!”