Woman's Trump MAGA hat causes stir at New York City bar, earns her $150

A New Yorker’s “Make America Great Again” caused quite a ruckus at her local bar, but not just for the reason you might think.

Heather Hauswirth, a reporter for the New York Post, recently read a story about a Philadelphia man who claimed his MAGA hat got him booted from a bar in the Big Apple, so she decided to borrow her buddy’s hat with Trump's signature slogan for a little “social experiment.”

On Thursday, Hauswirth donned the red cap and headed over to the trendy West Village hot-spot The Happiest Hour — the same bar that allegedly booted the Philly Trump supporter. About 10 minutes into her night, Hauswirth says a manager asked her to remove the hat “immediately,” citing a fight caused by several MAGA hats just a week before.


“About two and a half weeks ago, we had a group that was all wearing ‘Make America Great Again’ hats and then had to break up a fight,” the manager told Hauswirth, per The New York Post.

After explaining that she wasn’t trying to start any trouble, the manager asked if Hauswirth would consider swapping headgear, and provided her with a newsboy cap instead. She was also told she could keep the hat, if she liked.

Hauswirth, having completed her “social experiment,” went back to drinking — but then something even crazier happened.

According to the reporter, two “drunk-seeming bros” approached her and asked to purchase the hat, which was sitting on a nearby table. Since the MAGA cap wasn’t technically hers, she threw out an unreasonable figure.

“A hundred bucks and you can have the hat,” she told them.

To Hauswirth’s surprise, both men were more than willing to cough up the cash. Another patron, apparently a friend of the two “bros,” leaned in and informed Hauswirth that the guys would be willing to spend even more, so she upped the price to $200.


The men threw their money on the table, and Hauswirth handed over the cap. Upon putting the hat on, however, the men were approached by the bar’s manager again-- as well as a bouncer. They refused to remove it — “Why can’t I wear it? He’s our president,” one of the men reportedly said — at which point they were reportedly escorted out of the bar.

Hauswirth says one of them grabbed back a fifty-dollar bill as he walked out, leaving her with $150.

But while Hauswirth made out like a bandit, Greg Piatek, the Philadelphia man who inspired her experiment, is still seeking justice: According to reports, Piatek is now suing The Happiest Hour for discrimination.