Tokyo restaurant offers all-you-can-drink alcohol for less than $1

A restaurant chain in Tokyo is offering an all-you-can drink beer deal that would even tempt Homer Simpson to pack up and move to Japan immediately.

Volks, a chain of casual eateries specializing in steaks and other meat dishes, is currently running an all-you-can-drink alcoholic beverage promotion for the extremely reasonable price of just 100 yen-- about $0.88.

Not a beer drinker? Not a problem. According to RocketNews24, the deal extends to wine and liquor. Patrons can reportedly choose from Asahi Super Dry beer, whisky, shochu (either straight or in a mixed drink), plum wine cocktails, red wine, or white wine.


The catch? Customers are only allowed a 10-minute window to consume their drinks, and they can only order one beverage at a time.

However, there’s no penalty for failing to finish a drink before the 10-minute window is up-- customers are simply charged another 100 yen for an additional 10 minutes, and they keep ordering more alcohol as they finish.

RocketNews24 also notes that Volks eateries begin the countdown clock as soon as the first drink is ordered — and not when it’s delivered to the table — and the timer only stops once the customer pays the bill at the cash register. The drink deal is only available between 2 p.m. and 7 p.m.

Volks has a dozen restaurants in the Tokyo metro area.