Things you probably don't know about Irish coffee

With all the snow that just hit the East Coast, there’s no better time to whip up an Irish coffee, especially since Monday is the day that celebrates the auspicious drink.

And while there are many who may have thought the drink, made with whipped cream, coffee, cinnamon and of course whiskey, has been sipped in the Emerald Isle for ages, Irish coffee was invented in 1942, when Newfoundland airport restaurant chef Joe Sheridana whipped it up for a plane of American passengers delayed because of bad weather conditions.

It took another decade for the drink to be served in the U.S.  --not in New York City, but at Buena Vista cafe in San Francisco, California in 1952.

Socks on an Octopus came up with some other interesting facts about Irish coffee, so sit back and enjoy.   And have a look at the video to see how to make one yourself.