Things you didn't know about Dunkin' Donuts

Dunkin' Donuts is a staple coffee and doughnut destination for many Americans, but we bet you didn’t know that the company was founded in 1950, and within 4 years, founder William Rosenberg had already opened 5 locations. We set out to get to know Dunkin' Donuts a little better, and discover some of the secrets that the chain coffee shop may have been hiding from us. We certainly didn’t realize that there were over 15,000 ways to order your coffee and there's no way all these interesting drink developments are on Dunkin' menus across the world. If you have a secret Dunkin' Donuts recipe leave it in the comments section and we might be able to re-create the Starbucks Secret Menu story with some Dunkin' recipes!But more on Dunkin' – had you any idea that there were so many interesting facts about your favorite coffee and doughnut brand? We couldn’t keep them all to ourselves so we thought we would let you in on a few of the secrets. If you haven’t traveled overseas lately you might not know that Dunkin' is actually called Dunkin' Coffee in Spain and there’s a specially crafted doughnut for each country that is home to a Dunkin' Donuts. Each country has created a special doughnut that represents the local fare. Here in America we’re assuming it’s the glazed doughnut, but maybe there's always a chance that the special glazed doughnut breakfast sandwich that uses both egg and bacon is our signature Dunkin' Donuts menu item. Now onto the coffee, Dunkin' has thousands of ways that you can order your drink and even offered a few tips on how to cut the calories down. And in case you were wondering, the Dunkaccino is still widely available even if you don't see it on the menu. For Dunkin' newbies, a Dunkaccino is an exceptional blend of Dunkin' coffee and hot chocolate. The drink adds a little bit of mocha to your life and we can’t get over it. There’s also the turbo which is an extra shot of espresso that you can add to pretty much any drink on the menu to give yourself a nice little afternoon kick. The options seem endless over at Dunkin' Donuts and now you have 13 things you never knew about the brand before. Go forth and spread your new Dunkin' knowledge!

1. Back in the day...


You used to be able to buy your Dunkin' coffee for only 10 cents a cup!

2. Add some bacon

(Dunkin' Donuts)

Dunkin' has a glazed doughnut breakfast sandwich and you can add bacon to it for an extra flavor kick.

3. Get creative with thousands of flavors

(Dunkin' Donuts)

Dunkin' Donuts reported that there are over 15,000 different ways to order their coffee. With so many syrups, Turbo shots, and sweeteners, we aren't surprised!

4. It's all in the beans

(Dunkin' Donuts)

On average, 2,000 coffee beans go into making 1 pound of Dunkin' Donuts coffee.

5. International doughnut flavors

(Dunkin' Donuts Korea)

MSN Money reported that there is a doughnut for every country where Dunkin' Donuts is represented. It's reported that the international stores make custom doughnuts to reflect the taste of the locale in which the Dunkin' is located. "In China, Dunkin' Brands serves the "Pork Floss" doughnut, which is glazed and rolled in shredded dried pork."

6. Expert quality control

( via The Daily Meal)

There are Dunkin' Donuts coffee experts that taste an average of 200 cups of coffee a day to ensure that they're delivering the best possible coffee to consumers.

For more surprising facts about Dunkin' Donuts, check out the full story.

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