Some McDonald's taking reservations, offering candlelight service for Valentine's Day

Want to show your date a good time on Valentine’s Day? Try the Golden Arches.

Two Tampa, Fla. McDonald's are accepting bookings for a candlelit dinner complete with roses.

One restaurant is offering diners a chance to make a reservation and their own “McMemories” on Valentine’s Day, reports The Tampa Bay Times. The first 10 customers even get a complimentary rose.

The other Tampa franchise says that they are retraining their employees to act as waiters and are putting out red tablecloths, a centerpiece of fake roses and drinking glasses imprinted with heart-shaped motifs, reports WTSP.

The food is from McDonald’s, in case you were wondering.  But already, some 20 reservations have been made.

Tampa is not alone in its Valentine's Day romance. A North Carolina McDonald's is also getting in on the classy service action.

A sign advertising the dinner service, where the crew will “greet guests at the door before seating them,” also boasts of  a musical accompaniment “by Ron.”

"All you have to do is just sit back, relax and enjoy your romantic evening with your date," states the ad.

McDonald’s has tested table service in the past, but it hasn’t caught on with customers. Maybe a night of amour and Big Macs will get people to change their minds.