Slovenia honors Melania Trump with 'First Lady' wine

The First Lady is continuing to put her small hometown on the map.

Four Sloveneian winemakers hailing from the wine growing region near Melania Trump's hometown of Sevnica have produced a new red wine-- and they’re calling it “First Lady" in honor of the country's most famous former resident.

The beverage is pressed from Blaufränkisch grapes, which are native to eastern Slovenia.

The wine first went on sale in the cellar at Sevnica Castle, a popular tourist hotspot in town, and the first 300 bottles sold out in just three days, according to wine industry magazine, Decanter.


Another 2,000 bottles of the wine are currently ready for sale in the castle’s gift shop, as well as the town’s official tourism office.

The 2015 vintage wine is priced at 27.50 euros (about $30), which Sevnica Castle steward Rok Petančič, told Decanter is a "reasonable price"-- although it's almost twice as much as the other Slovenian wines from the same region and year.

"We have good wine, we have the best salamis and we have other products that are very good for the area; we shouldn't be afraid or feel ashamed of offering them to a wider audience," Petančič  told Decanter, adding that some had suggested selling the wine for 500 euros.

"I think this is one of the best ways we can promote our winemakers, our tourism, and Blaufränkisch as a variety, which is very important for us as we want to become a centre for Blaufränkisch."


The First Lady collection also includes salami made from a rare breed of local pig, chocolates and even beauty creams.

But the Trumps are notorious for going after those who unlawfully use their name to market unaffiliated products.

Still, Petančič says he's not worried about reports that the first lady has hired a Slovenian law firm to stop local producers from using her name to promote their wares.

Sevnica is the in the heart of Posavje, the smallest of Slovenia’s wine regions and it is the only region in the country that produces more red wine than white.