Pizza Hut Korea's $32 'Star Edge Pizza' Has Everything, Including Dessert

Is there no limit to the toppings we won't put on, or stuff into, a pizza? Surely there must be, but the human race has yet to determine this particular threshold.

Pizza Hut locations in South Korea are now offering a brand new pie called the Star Edge Pizza, featuring toppings including steak, shrimp, calamari, bacon, some kind of sausage, cheese, broccoli and peppers.

Amazingly, though, its sheer number of toppings isn't the most impressive thing about the Star Edge Pizza. That honor belongs to the "star edge" crust, which is stuffed with alternating fillings of cranberry-studded cream cheese or apple cinnamon cream cheese, teasing pizza-eaters with tiny dessert at the end of each slice.

On the one hand, it's dinner, and on the other, it's dessert — which is quite literally the concept of Pizza Hut Korea's ad campaign for the Star Edge Pizza:

Not surprisingly, this hefty, dessert-stuffed pizza comes with a hefty price tag. For a taste of Pizza Hut Korea's hubris, diners should expect to pay $27 (U.S.) for a medium pizza or $32 for a large.