Picking wine for a special Valentine's Day date

Valentine’s day is a Saturday night this year. Holy pressure. And for those of you going out on a first date that night, I’m nervous for you.

That means you have bigger things to worry about than what wine to pick at dinner.

So don’t complicate it.  Once you pick the restaurant, go online at home and look at the wine list beforehand so at least you have a clue.

When you get to the restaurant, order a glass of bubbly – champagne or Prosecco  -- because it’s the perfect way to start dinner (and it will certainly take the edge off).

Then talk wine. It’s a great icebreaker and can help you get to know your date.  Maybe she had a great cabernet on her last trip to South Africa.  Now there’s a story you want to here.

If you’re date doesn’t offer any suggestions or guidance, grab the sommelier.

Lea-Faith Williams, owner of Let’s Talk Wine, confirmed that casually pointing to a price point on the wine list without announcing the number, will help lead the sommelier in the right direction so you don’t break the bank.

And when you finally choose a wine and the sommelier pours a little in your glass to taste, make sure your date gets a little too.

Taste together. Make the night fun.

There are no rules in wine – and love – anymore.

Cent’ Anni.