Man finds secret message in Frosted Flakes box

A Canadian man got a shock when he opened a box of cereal only to discover a hand-written message from three plant workers explaining that it was last box of cereal produced at the now-shuttered factory.

Stephane Gaudette said he first noticed a handwritten message in black marker, "Please read the bag" across the top of his Frosted Flakes, reports the CBC.

On the bag inside the box, a note explained that the cereal was the final one off the line at the factory in London, Ontario when it closed on December 5, 2014.

“This is the very last bag of Canadian cereal for the Canadian market from Kellog’s,” the note on the bag read.

"When I saw the message, my emotions started changing," Gaudette told the CBC radio show As It Happens. "It lead to a certain sadness and awe, in a sense. It was a very odd feeling because I realized the significance of [the package]."

There were three names on the bag, but Gaudette could only make out one name, Mike. But he could see that they had worked at Kellogg's a long time -- one for 24 years, one for 29 and one for 28.

Instead of opening the bag, he contacted The London Free Press and a reporter there tracked down the trio -- Mike Cascadden, Ray Gonsalvez and Frasier McAuley.

Cascadden told the Free Press that had 24 years of service at the factory.

"I thought that was very moving," Guadette says. He hopes to meet the men soon.