Kale lovers meet the Kalette, the hot new vegetable of 2015

Last year was the year of kale. From restaurant starters to fast casual eatery staples, kale made an appearance on almost every menu across the country.

But now it’s a new year and there’s a brand new veggie on the market that could unseat the popular leafy green because it combines two favorites in one.

Health nuts meet the Kalette—a kale and Brussel sprout hybrid developed by U.K.-based Tozer Seeds. Flower Sprouts, as they’re known overseas, first hit the British market a few years ago, but now have a new name that Tozer hopes will appeal to those looking for a kale alternative.

Kalette’s leaves are dark green with purple veins like some traditional kale varieties, but like Brussel sprouts, grow as small buds. Kalettes have similar nutritional profiles to kale and Brussels sprouts and are good sources of vitamins A and C. Tozer says Kalettes are as versatile as kale and Brussel sprouts, lending themselves to being prepared in a variety of ways.

So how does this vegetable actually measure up?

It tastes a lot like kale so if you never warmed to the veggie in the first place, we don’t recommend this 2.0 version. It’s very chewy and a little tough to eat raw but we think they would be very tasty roasted, sautéed or added to a stir fry. Overall, it’s less bitter than kale with a slightly nutty aftertaste. Plus the purple-green color makes an undeniably gorgeous presentation.

If one of your New Year’s resolutions is to eat healthier, Kalettes might help you stick to your goal in a delicious new way.

These little green sprouts are now available at Trader Joe’s nationwide, select Whole Foods and Costco locations on the West Coast, and various local retailers.