Introducing a keg robot on wheels

This is something everyone wants a party- a remote-control, beer-dispensing robot.

Introducing R2BeerMe –named after the “Star Wars” bot that helped save the galaxy.

Its creator Charlie Wolff said he was inspired to create the bot by social events with clients, when a cart holding drinks and snacks would be pushed around the office.

He stopped by Fox Business Channel to talk about what beer-loving tech heads might be into the novelty of a bot that serves up brew.

“Right now it’s business,” he said, including several tech companies.

The best part is that R2BeerMe can change into many outfits, based on the theme of the party.

“We had a Cinco de Mayo part and had him dressed him up as Pancho Villa,” said Wolff.

The price for the R2Beer2 bot is about $3000.