Nothing warms my heart more than seeing that colorful Girl Scout cookie order form being passed around the office.

Last year I pounced on my co-worker who I suspected had a school-aged daughter just about the right age.  Of course, I wanted to help make her a star in her troop, as well as get my hands on the cookies that only the Girl Scouts can do.  I ordered three boxes of my favorite (yes, Thin Mints) with every intention of sharing them with my husband, only to eat every last one very quietly at my desk.

So I couldn't be more overjoyed to hear that the Girl Scouts are introducing Savannah Smiles, a lemon cookie, to mark its 100th anniversary.  It's described as a dense, crunchy and shortbread-like cookie with a light lemon flavor with a sugar dusting.

Savannah Smiles was named in honor of the organization's founder Juliette Gordon Low, who heralds from the Georgian city.  The other half of the name is apparent --  the cookie’s half-moon shape is meant to represent a lemon wedge and “Brownie Smile.”

Sales of this tasty delight kicks off Jan. 7.

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But not all new cookie varieties are sure sells.  Last year the Girl Scouts were forced to stop production of Lemon Chalet Cremes after people complained of a foul smell and taste.  Although there were no safety concerns the smell, meant to be entice the senses with a hint of cinnamon-ginger spice, left a bad taste in people's mouth.

Let us know what you think. So, what do you think.  Will Savannah Smiles take off?