Checkers in Florida shuttered after photos showing filthy kitchen surface online

A Checkers in Florida is going viral, though hopefully not literally.

Images showing what appear to be filthy conditions in the Palm Bay restaurant’s kitchen were recently uploaded to Facebook, picturing roaches and dead rats littered across the kitchen, and other dirty conditions.

The images went viral on social media, prompting several people to file complaints with local health officials, WESH 2 reports. After an inspection, the establishment was closed down due to “rodent activity.”

According to a statement from Checkers, the location will reopen once the Health Department gives it "a clean bill of health."

The images were posted by JaiLynn Lawson, who claims to be a former manager at the location. Her post reads, “DO NOT EAT AT Palm Bay Checkers on Babcock by Palm Bay RD! After 4 years of being a manager and dealing with more than I should have and hiding their secrets, I was fired based on a lie, not one write up or disciplinary action before this either. Either way I have the right now that I am no longer under contract as they say to let the world know about what they are eating when visiting Checkers of Palm Bay.

"Since day one it’s been infestation after infestation, first the roaches, then the rats, down to the maggots and roaches in the shake machine," she added.


Lawson goes on to say that she made sure to only serve “safe” food to customers, although she claims she wasn’t always aware of the issues. According to Lawson, she unknowingly ate food that was cooked in the fryer right before a dead rat was found inside of it.

“This place is disgusting and instead of getting the building tented or treated properly they buy raid bombs and ask managers to set them off,” her post continues. “Beware, guys, I promise it’s never safe no matter what they say. I’m an eye witness and there are many more as well. I was told I’m under contract with them and they will sue me if I let any of this out. I’m terminated now so the contract is voided and the world shall now know. And whatever they choose to do I’m ok with cause nothing I am posting is a lie.”

It’s unclear why Lawson no longer works with the company.


Kim Francis, a spokesperson for Checkers, provided Fox News with the following statement: “The health and safety of our restaurants is our top priority, and the conditions shown at this franchised location at 4840 Babcock Road N.E., Palm Bay, Fla., in no way meet our high standards. The restaurant is now closed, and the franchisee is cleaning and sanitizing the entire restaurant.

"The location will reopen when it receives a clean bill of health from the Health Department.”