Burger King, Denny’s and others to give away 1500 Peace Day burgers

Burger King Thursday announced that will work with four other fast food chains to create a "Peace Day burger”after being rejected by McDonald's, reports USA Today.

The special-edition sandwich will feature elements from Burger King’s Whopper, Denny's Bacon Slamburger, Wayback's Wayback Classic, Krystal's cheese Krystal, and Giraffas' Brutus. The chains will hand out 1,500 burgers at a pop-up restaurant in Atlanta Monday, Sept. 21.

The burger will raise awareness for United Nations’ International Day of Peace, which coincides with the opening session of the United Nations General Assembly. On that day, the U.N. encourages ceasefires in all combat zones and promotes educational programs on issues related to world peace.

Last month, Burger King pitched McDonald’s a burger mashup via full page ads in the Chicago Tribune and New York Times. The proposition was "cease fire" in the burger war between the two fast food giants and to create a Big Mac-Whopper hybrid. Burger King said profits from the burger could be used to support the non-profit, Peace One Day, which helps promote International Day of Peace.

McDonald’s declined and CEO Steve Easterbrook said the chains’ rivalry should never be compared to the "unequaled circumstances of the real pain and suffering of war."

But that didn’t stop legions of fans from hoping for a Peace Day burger.

Also immediately after McDonald's declined, other food chains, including Denny's and Whataburger, said they'd partner with Burger King on a special collaborative burger.

Now that plan is coming together, the next is to sell the burgers and see how much is made for world peace.  The 1500 sandwiches will be handed out on a first-come, first-serve basis at a temporary restaurant space near Georgia Tech’s Atlanta campus. The participating companies have announced they will be making a donation to Peace One Day.