Brighten Up Breakfast With Green Smoothie Pancakes

Forget green eggs and ham. Enjoy a generous stack of green pancakes instead.

You read that right: green pancakes. It's a fun fluffy twist on traditional pancakes, and it's basically just dessert for breakfast or brunch.

While some of us may prefer a nutritious smoothie loaded with fresh veggies, Kelly Pfeiffer of Nosh and Nourish discovered the genius way to transform the typical kale-packed (or spinach-stuffed) drink into your next favorite pancake.

“Just imagine all the goodness that you’d pack into a healthy green smoothie, but in pancake form,” explains the blogger and recipe developer. “These are seriously our new favorite breakfast."

And don’t let that glorious shade of green fool you. As Pfeiffer explains, that this delightfully sweet dish is made with yummy feel-good ingredients aside from greens, like peanut butter and banana, to keep you feeling full throughout the day.

But really, you'll just want to stuff your face with green pancakes. Because why not?

For the full recipe, click here.