Ali Fedotowsky's exquisite ideas for decorating Easter eggs

Egg-decorating is an integral part of every Easter celebration, but that doesn’t mean we aren’t dying to ditch the dyes and try something new.

With Easter just around the corner, we invited lifestyle blogger and TV personality Ali Fedotowsky to the Fox Lifestyle studios to share her exquisite ideas for taking this holiday staple to new heights.

Together with the American Egg Board, Fedotowsky scrambled up several sensational ideas for decorating eggs, from branding them with tiny tattoos to dousing them in glistening glitter.

“I’m so happy that I get to work with (the American Egg Board), because they actually represent all of the egg farmers all around America, and all of the families that are working so hard to make sure we have nutritious and delicious eggs to eat,” Fedotowsky told Fox Lifestyle.

“Not only for breakfast, but for lunch, for Easter — for all of it!”


Fedotowsky has another reason she’s so eager to decorate eggs: She’s got a brand-new baby at home, and she’s determined to start some new traditions.

“I have a little 9-month-old baby Molly, and for me, I really want to create memories — not just around Easter, but all holidays,” Fedotowsky told FNC personality Carley Shimkus.

To that end, Fedotowsky says she also recommends decorating with non-toxic finger paint, so the whole family can get in on the fun.

Watch the entire segment above to learn Ali’s favorite egg-decorating tips, then visit to enter this year’s Easter Egg Art sweepstakes.