5 craft beers that won't destroy your waistline

You don't always have to chose between six packs and a six pack. While most craft beers are higher in calories than your run-of-the-mill light beer from the big beer companies, there are some options that are lighter on calories, but not on flavor.  Here are five craft beers with fewer than 160 calories.

1. Harpoon Summer Beer

148 calories

With a delicate nose of honeysuckle, honey, and lemon and a light color, Harpoon’s Summer Beer has more body than you’d expect.  We tasted a honey sweetness in this Kolsch-style ale that’s very easy on the palate, balanced with finish reminiscent of a dry white wine.

2. Cigar City Florida Cracker

154 calories

Cigar City’s Florida Cracker starts with a lemon nose and tastes a bit like a shandy with a kick.  This cloudy Belgian-style white ale had an interesting spice profile to it; we detected a good amount of coriander.  Reminding us a bit of a margarita, it has a very subtle saltiness.  Pretty unique.

3. Founders All Day IPA

147 calories

We featured Founders All Day IPA in last summer’s craft beer round-up, explaining “this seasonal brew was dubbed the “IPA of Summer” by one of our panelists. Floral aromatic notes give it a great start, but this beer still packs an IPA punch. Thick, bready, and full of hops, it finishes strong without being overly dry. Take it camping or out fishing; this beer won’t let you down.”

4. Short's Brew Prolonged Enjoyment

About 134 calories

The light-bodied Prolonged Enjoyment, as its name implies, is something we could drink plenty of.  This India Pale Ale’s nose reminded us of grapefruit peel, but also had a sweet pineness to it.  It’s very hoppy, but in a refreshing way and has enough malt flavor to soften the punch.  Indeed, one panelist noted it was one of the most enjoyable full-hop experiences she’d ever had.

5. Anchor Steam

158 calories

Anchor Steam begins with a fruity taste that reminded us of fig.  We also got some nuttiness, almost like walnut as well as vanilla.  There’s a really nice breadiness making up the base of this crisp brew and a touch of spice, perhaps allspice, giving it an interesting bite.  This beer ends with a dry finish, leaving us thirsty for more.