Women’s March receives significantly more broadcast TV coverage than March for Life, study shows

The 2019 Women’s March received roughly 15 times more news coverage than the 47th March for Life on broadcast television, according to the Media Research Center.

The Women’s March’s took place on Saturday despite widespread concerns of anti-Semitism within the group’s leadership. One day before the controversial gathering, the pro-life March for Life occurred. NewsBusters managing editor Curtis Houck examined the coverage each event received on the ABC, CBS, and NBC morning and evening newscasts — and the results are staggering.


“Between Wednesday morning and Saturday evening, the Women’s March fetched 14 minutes and 26 seconds of coverage… this stood in stark contrast to just 58 seconds for the March for Life,” Houck wrote. “For the March for Life, ABC and CBS were especially pitiful.”

The MRC's NewsBusters reported that ABC’s “Good Morning America” only spent six seconds on the March for Life on Saturday morning and it came during a segment on the Women’s March, while NBC spent the most time on the March of Life, with a whopping 44 seconds between Friday’s “Nightly News” and Saturday’s “Today.”

Houck added that “it's worth crediting ABC” for being the first network to mention the cloud of controversy” surrounding the Women’s March. Anchor George Stephanopoulos mentioned the drama on Wednesday, but it was ABC’s “The View” that made headlines for putting the situation front and center.

Last Monday, co-hosts Sunny Hostin and Meghan McCain grilled Women's March co-founder Tamika Mallory over her ties to Louis Farrakhan in a heated discussion.


“Tamika, you came under some fire for your relationship with Louis Farrakhan and the Nation of Islam,” Hostin told the guest. “He’s known for being anti-Semitic, for being homophobic, but you do attend his events and you posted… a photo calling him the G.O.A.T., which means the greatest of all time. You are running an organization that says it fights bigotry. Do you understand why your association with him is quite problematic?”

“I didn’t call him the greatest of all time because of his rhetoric. I called him the greatest of all time because of what he’s done in black communities,” Mallory said.

Mallory then refused to condemn the remarks and simply repeated that she didn’t agree when further pressed by McCain. Shortly after the eyebrow-raising interview, the Democratic National Committee decided it would not sponsor the Women’s March.

“The Women’s March still went on despite their controversies with some satellite marches divorcing themselves from the original organizers due to the group’s unapologetic support for anti-Semitic figures. Meanwhile, the March for Life went off without a hitch, again promoting the lives of the unborn and demanding action to save those lives from certain death via abortion,” Houck wrote.