MIAMI, Fla. -- Wilmer Valderrama, better known as "Fez" from the TV sitcom "That 70's Show," walked into the bunker-style bungalow at the "Shore Club" Hotel in Miami Beach.

Cool as a cat, with a smart-phone to his ear and a quick handshake, the actor was making the rounds, talking up his new movie "From Prada to Nada," a romantic comedy rated PG-13 and set to be released January 28.

With a big smile, and wearing the ubiquitous half-beard worn by many celebs, Valderrama seems to personify young, Latino Hollywood.

Before the interview, Valderrama, soon-to-be 31 years old, sat on the sofa while the cameraman adjusted the lights and tested the microphone.

His co-star, Alexa Vega, was running a few minutes late, after a quick makeover, both actors began talking about the message behind their new movie.

"I think that with this movie we touch a number of generations. It is that generation where your parents came and told you, 'Don't speak Spanish, you only speak English,' and then there's now this generation that understands the importance of the Spanish language," Valderrama said in an interview with Fox News Latino.

"And then there's this young, young generation growing up that is completely detached and disconnected with their roots," he added.

The storyline behind "From Prada to Nada": when their father passes away, two spoiled Latina sisters are left penniless and go from living in a mansion in Beverly Hills, to their aunt's more "modest" home in East L.A.

Mary, played by Vega, is a party girl, and her sister Nora, played by Camilla Belle, is a law student. Neither speaks Spanish nor cares to know about their culture. Valderrama plays Mary's love interest, Bruno.

Vega, a buoyantly beautiful Latina best known for the "Spy Kids" trilogy, said the tone behind the film should also be that as the new Latino generation continue to assimilate into the American fabric, they should not forgot their roots.

"There are many [Hispanics] who don't accept both cultures, they only accept one or the other instead of embracing both. We are hoping that this gives people the opportunity to help teach them you can embrace both," Vega said.

Vega and Valderrama were both born in Miami.

Orlando Salinas is a Miami-based correspondent for Fox News.

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