Who is the most desirable woman of 2012?

Nobody fills out a dress like Sofia Vergara ... so it's no surprise that the almost cartoonishly curvy "Modern Family" actress is the top hottie on AskMen's 11th Annual "Top 99 Most Desirable Women" list.

What happened to last year's winner, Blake Lively? The "Gossip Girl" is not even in the top nine this year, slipping down to the lowly #31 spot.

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In fact, the top nine ladies may surprise you in more ways than one. For starters, who the heck is the #2 spot-holder, Kate Upton? Rooney Mara is pretty, but she needs to smile more ... and eat a sandwich. And we love Nicki Minaj, but is she really the fifth most desirable woman in the world?

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From Sofia to Nicki to ninth place-holder Rihanna, let us know: Who is the most desirable woman of 2012?