Whitney Houston posthumous song hits the web

Almost nine months after her death, Whitney Houston is giving fans a new song to remember her by.

The track “Never Give Up,” recorded shortly before her death, according to E! News, hit the web on Tuesday. The hip-hop song, posted on YouTube, has a modern beat and is about those who are struggling in life and want to give up.

Houston sings:

“Hold your head to the sky, look them right in the eyes,
Tell them you will never quit until the day you get it right,
Never, never give up.”

Whitney fans quickly reacted to the new tune, with many praising the late singer and others expressing mixed feelings about the posthumous song.

“Kind of sounds like Whitney is a ‘guest vocalist’ on this track doing scat back-up to the chorus lead. Not her best, but I do miss her and still hurt from her passing,” one user commented.

But most commenters reacted positively to the new song:

“Oh I wasn’t expecting any new songs from Whitney, but this is rather good,” one user wrote. “Thank you Whitney, from down here. We look to you.”

“Never Give Up” is part of Houston’s 18-track greatest hits album, “I Will Always Love You—The Best of Whitney Houston,” which goes on sale next week.